We offer a full range of spouting products and fixtures for sale on a supply-only basis.

This Spouting 2 U service is ideal for customers confident in handling their own spouting work, especially minor replacements.

Continuous Spouting – On Site Supply

Our two mobile continuous spouting machines can run out continuous 1/4 Round and Old Gothic spouting pieces to your required lengths at your site.

Our Mobile Spouting 2 U Service:
  • Eliminates the tricky work and additional fittings needed to connect several shorter standard length spouting pieces
  • Enables you to order a single piece to your specific measurements that will run the entire length of one side of your roof
  • We can provide all the accessories required for the installation of continuous spouting systems
Spouting Fixtures

We carry a complete range of spouting system fittings that together provide everything you need to make spouting installations, replacements or repairs.

Our product range includes:
  • Brackets
  • Stop ends
  • Droppers
  • Silicon rivets
  • Screws
  • PVC fittings
See our products section for further details on our range of spouting products and to make an order.